1. 21 April 2014

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    When I’m closely examining an actor’s lighting and end up making weirdly long eye contact with them.


    Every day

  2. There was a while that in order to be knowledgable in something, you had to read many books on it….most of which might not be in your native language.
    Well, Philippe Rousselot wrote a book on cinematography.

    But it’s in French. (and I had to buy it off of French Amazon?)


  3. karenabad:

    B L O O D . M O O N

    A little timelapse I shot of my little baby Blood Moon on April 15, 2014 from my backyard. Lookin’ good moonie, lookin’ good.

  4. Wong Kar Wai is an absolutely astonishing filmmaker. These are a few frames from a scene in THE GRANDMASTER.

  5. The Lady with the Dog →

    Just a little signal boost for a thesis film I will be shooting in the coming weeks.

    It’s got some pretty good local talent attached, and a fantastic crew. Throw us a buck! :D

  6. …And all value sucked from it like a tropical Capri Sun.

  7. If more directors would beat up their producers, we’d have a lot more artistic freedom.

    — Martin Sheen

  8. Everyone who has ever taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it that makes a difference.

    — Nolan Bushnell

  9. Updated my Website →

    Update the ol’ website. Take a look!

  10. Great photography is always on the edge of failure.

    — Garry Winogrand

  11. Got accepted into AFI! Going to be studying Cinematography in the fall! 

  12. pickledelephant:

    Steve McQueen while filming Twelve Years a Slave (2013)

  13. Listen Up Aspiring Producers! Safety First. Above All Else.  →


    I’m going to start this first by saying that my heart goes out to all who were hurt and affected by the tragedy in the Atlanta film community this week. Especially towards Sarah Jones, her friends, family, and coworkers. I know no amount of words can ease the grief they are feeling but I want them…